Roleplaying Portraits has three commissions pricing structures. The first two are “Standard Oil Portraits”, “Standard Graphite Portraits” and the third is “Custom”.

Standard portraits are priced on a tier system that corresponds with the size of the portrait. All standard portraits are for one character only. A breakdown of the pricing is as follows:

Graphite Drawings

  • Small – 8″ by 10″ portrait: $200
  • Medium – 12″ by 16″ portrait: $300
  • Large – 16″ by 20″ portrait: $400

Oil Paintings

  • Small – 8″ by 10″ portrait: $400
  • Medium – 12″ by 16″ portrait: $600
  • Large – 16″ by 20″ portrait: $800

At these base prices, all portraits are headshots or busts (from the chest up). For Graphite Drawings, the background may include a single element: this can be an abstract design, a simple motif, or shading that emphasizes the portrait. For Oil Paintings, the background may be monocolor: a single color behind the character that can vary in tone and shade, but does not have any clear details.

At each size, additional portrait features can be purchased. For Graphite Drawings, this can be a full figure arrangement (from the character’s feet up). For oil paintings, an additional background (an interior or exterior setting behind the character) can be purchased as well as a full figure arrangement (from the character’s feet up). A breakdown of the add-ons is as follows:

Graphite Drawings

  • Medium – 12″ by 16″ portrait with full figure arrangement: $350
  • Large – 16″ by 20″ portrait with full figure arrangement: $450

Oil Paintings

  • Small – 8″ by 10″ portrait with landscape background: $550
  • Medium – 12″ by 16″ portrait with landscape background: $750
  • Medium – 12″ by 16″ portrait with full figure arrangement: $750
  • Medium – 12″ by 16″ portrait with landscape background and full figure arrangement: $900
  • Large – 16″ by 20″ portrait with landscape background: $1000
  • Large – 16″ by 20″ portrait with full figure arrangement: $1000
  • Large – 16″ by 20″ portrait with landscape background and full figure arrangement: $1200

Small – 8″ by 10″ portraits do not have a full figure arrangement option available due to the format’s size limitation.

The second pricing structure, “Custom” allows for multiple characters and additional sizes. As there are too many variables to account for, “Custom” uses the base prices as outlined in the “Standard” portraits and modifies them depending on the customer’s particular needs. Instead of purchasing a standard portrait, a form is filled out on the “Custom” page where the request is described.  Upon submission of the “Custom” form, Roleplaying Portraits will generate a quote in one business day (or ask for more information, if necessary) and the commissions process proceeds once payment is received.

Example – Fred Knee-Chee, Level 4 Dwarf Ranger:

Brianna would like to commission a portrait as a birthday gift for her friend and longtime roleplaying partner Caleb. Caleb’s character is a level 4 dwarf ranger named Fred Knee-Chee.

Brianna knows that Fred has intricate details in his armor, especially his cybernetic helmet and adamantine sword. She would like to showcase that aspect of the character and also also his affinity for exploring caverns. She chooses a Standard portrait at the Medium – 12″ by 16″ size, with a monocolor background and a bust arrangement. In her notes to Roleplaying Portraits, Brianna asks for the monocolor background to vaguely represent a cavern – this is acceptable for monocolor as there aren’t many discernible details that need to be depicted.

The total comes to $600 for the portrait including the commission, framing and shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the artist?

Colin Nitta was introduced to roleplaying games at an all too impressionable age. After stumbling across his brother’s copy of the Player’s Handbook, a source of inspiration was sparked that continues to this day. He further pursued his passion with a degree in illustration from California College of the Arts in 2010.

Colin is well acquainted with the commissions process and the unique benefits that come with collaboration. Whether he is painting a high elf priestess riding a white stallion or a cold blooded half-ogre with a double headed morningstar, Colin’s ultimate goal is to create engaging portraiture that stirs the imagination and brings a customer’s vision to life.

Colin runs his own roleplaying group set in an apocalyptic desert world called Felrealm when he’s not painting in his Oakland, California studio. More examples of his work can also be browsed at his illustration portfolio.

How long does a commission take?

From start to finish, most standard portraits take around 3-4 weeks to be finished and shipped. The initial steps of the rough and final sketch are typically when your input is most required, and as such can push the completion time back if a sketch needs to be revised before proceeding to the next stage. Custom portraits are more variable, as they can have more than one character and are sometimes more involved.

What happens if I am unhappy with my portrait?

Colin will always do his very best to realize your character to the best of his ability. During the rough sketch and final sketch stages, any number of revisions may be requested within 5 business days of the portrait order. This is to ensure that your portrait is painted exactly as you envision. If you’re still having doubts as to whether to proceed with the picture at this stage, a full refund of the order is available.
After a final sketch is approved, 50% of your order total is non-refundable. Once Colin completes the painting, you will receive a color accurate photograph of the work. If you need to request changes, three rounds of revisions are available at no further charge. If at the end of those three revisions, you are still unsatisfied, you will receive a 50% refund of the order total.

Will anyone else be working on my portrait?

No. Colin is the only painter with Roleplaying Portraits, and you will work with him directly. For examples of his work, please see the Gallery.

Can I send a photograph for you to paint from?

Yes! We call this the “alter-ego” treatment. Roleplaying Portraits is happy to provide this service. The best way to proceed with this sort of commission is to contact us before placing your order with your reference photograph. We’ll advise you on what photos work best for your character portrait.

Do you offer digital portraits or avatars?

Roleplaying Portraits specifically offers portraits in real media only. While an oil painting takes more time and materials to create than a digital image, it has the benefit of being a unique piece of art that can be enjoyed for years to come. Nothing strikes up conversation like a handmade, oil portrait of your roleplaying character!

Can I request a media other than oils on canvas, like pencil or charcoal?

Depending on the media, Colin can sometimes accommodate other choices although oils on canvas are his specialty. Please send your request via the Custom Portrait form and we’ll see what we can do.

Do you work in genres other than fantasy?

Yes! We know that roleplaying games cover a wide gamut of genres from horror to science fiction and everything in between. Fantasy characters are the most often requested portraits, but the sky is the limit as to what your type of genre you’d like for your character portrait.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we ship only to the US.